Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Mina Karimi, M.A in Geography and Tourism Planning

In addition to the positive effects, tourism has many negative effects and consequences, this reduces the quality of life of residents of tourist areas. Accordingly, in addition to planning and monitoring of related organizations, one of the most important factors that can increase the positive effects of tourism and reduce its negative effects is the use and development of responsible tourism.

In this regard, considering the tourism situation in Iran, which is expanding these days, we are witnessing an increase in its negative effects in tourist areas. An example of this type of effect can be seen in the tourist villages of Gorgan city. So that one of the most important challenges of tourist villages in Gorgan is the low level of responsibility of tourists in various economic, socio-cultural and especially environmental dimensions and with the exception of a small number of tourists, most of them do not feel very responsible, and this has reduced the quality of life of the residents of those areas.

Whereas responsible tourism can be a good way to increase the positive economic effects and reduce the negative socio-cultural and environmental effects, If this type of tourism is used properly in the tourist areas of this city, positive effects will be created on the quality of life of the residents.

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