P4L Webinar: Post COVID-19 tourism to planning and way forward.

Third webinar:
On 23 December 2020, a webinar will be held to Post Covid-19 tourism, planning and way forward, facilitated by Plan for the Land Panel member, Nazanin Mohsenian.

It will be attended by local authorities, University and Professors, Tour and travel agencies, Tour guide, Marine Clubs, Local and Native people, Tourism transportation service, tourist, Officials of tourism-related institutions, and All interested people.

This Webinar will be organized as part of the DEVCO co-funded “Promoting Responsible Tourism for Sustainable Heritage Protection” project and is aimed to build awareness amongst key stakeholders of the tourism industry and related economic activities.

Key Speakers will include Dr. Vrinda Dar, Expert in International Cooperation for Sustainable Development NECOS, Mr. Mahan Modavan is Director of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage of Kish Free Zone, and Danial Tirajeh Key account manager of the Snapp Trip (Snapp Trip on of biggest ticket and hotel reservation) on planning and way forward after Covid-19 to Responsible Tourism.

Persons wishing to join the webinar can register on the below link after which they will receive a code and notification for the event.


Direct link:

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