Plan for the land Society is Developing Tour Packages and Participated Responsible Tourism Strategies at Hormozgan Province

Plan for the land Society is developing tour packages and is participating in responsible tourism strategies. This activity is carried out by observing production processes; studying historical, geographical, social-cultural, and natural characteristics of the territory; and interviewing local people in order to develop itinerary packages. The tourist route includes Qeshm, Hengam, and Hormoz islands as well as the cities of Minab, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Khamir, Bandar Kong, Kish Island, and Parsian. There are many historical monuments and natural tourist attractions in this province, which are less known. These attractions include watching dolphins, watching rituals and getting acquainted with sailing on wooden hand-made boats, watching geological attractions such as Star Valley, Chahkuh Strait, Seven Wonders Qeshm, salt cave, rainbow valley on Hormoz Island, Hormozgan International Wetland, including Tiab and Khur-e-Khuran wetlands, beautiful beaches of Parsian region, acquaintance with the underground city of Kariz and the historical city of Harireh and also the natives of Kish Island by walking in the historical village Safin and Baghu and the exhibition of Kish Anthropological Museum and etc.