Plan for the land Society is Developing Tour Packages and Participated Responsible Tourism Strategies at Bushehr Province

Bushehr province is also a target province where Plan for the land Society has introduced tour packages, in line with this project and its goals in developing and participating in responsible tourism strategies. Bushehr province, with its cultural and natural opportunities, is unknown to tourists. For this reason, the tourism infrastructure still needs further development. However, in recent years, very good actions have been taken by local interested people.

Therefore, P4L has visited and examined historical, geographical, socio-cultural and natural features and interviewed various groups of local people to develop travel plans. Places such as Assaluyeh, Kangan, Siraf, Dayyer, Borazjan, Dashtestan and Bushehr were visited.

There are many historical monuments and natural tourist attractions in this province, some of which were visited during this trip, including Nayband National Marine Park in Assaluyeh city, Jashak salt cave, Dayyer Nakhiloo National Park to watch the Humpback dolphin in Dayyer and Bandar Siraf. Museums, mansions, castles and old caravanserais including Mushir Al-Molk Caravanserai (Borazjan Fortress) and Dehdashti Mansion (Bushehr oil mansion). The historical context of Bushehr city and the famous houses of this city should be mentioned. Bushehr province represents a great opportunity for experiential tourism.

Siraf port is one of the ancient cities of southern Iran.  The port of Siraf is part of the “Silk Road” from Ceylon, India and China to Zanzibar in Africa and the ports of the European Red Sea, also called the “Spice Road”. Dehdashti Edifice of Bushehr is one of the most beautiful and noble old houses of Bushehr. Bushehr historical areas, mansions and residential buildings have unique features which are impossible to find out in other parts of the country. This style of architecture is famous as “Beit Milani“. Borazjan Fortress (the Moshir-ol-Molk Carvanserai), Dehdashti Edifice (Oil Edifice of Bushehr).