Raising Awareness

Plan for the Land Organisation at the Native Women House in Kish Island

On 8 November 2020, at the Native Women House in Kish Island, Hormozgan province, an awareness building meeting was held, facilitated by Plan for the Land Society and attended by 6 participants from amongst the indigeneous women of Kish Island.

This event was organized as part of the DEVCO co-funded “Promoting Responsible Tourism for Sustainable Heritage Protection” project and aimed to raise public awareness, inform and engage the local community on determinants and long-term economic benefits of heritage protection and responsible tourism.

Indigeneous women are a key stakeholder group for developing responsible cultural heritage tourism in the Kish island. They have a central role in nurturing and practising the local traditional culture, rituals, art and cuisine. Women, however, rarely come into contact with tourists visiting the island or participate in developing local policies and strategies.