Raising Awareness

P4L leading a public awareness campaign on heritage protection and sustainable tourism at Rolley in the island of Kish

On 5th February, the family rally event was held in Kish Island. Being positively received by the local people of the island, and thanks to The Institute of Healthy Sports and Recreation, Automobile Federation, and Touring and Automobile Club of Kish, the event started with more than 120 participants (a driver and a map reader),

In order to take part in this program, you have to register and attend a briefing session. The racers competed with each other in two different classes -novice and professional- and after passing through 102km and 19 stations and their time being controlled and recorded by professional couches, they finally reached the finish line after 3 hours and a half.

On this special day, Plan for the Land Society distributed some fabric bags with a design of the symbol of Kish on them among the contributors on the start line in order to raise their awareness and promote a sustainable tourism for protecting cultural heritage and sustainable development.

In a short face to face conversation, the importance of sustainable tourism was discussed. This annual family rally event aims to promote car racing sports and familiar happiness.