An Exhibition of Historical Documents and Photos of the Restoration Process of Shahidi House

(Gorgan, Golestan province, Iran)
By the completion of the restoration operation of Shahidi historical house in Sarcheshmeh quarter in Gorgan, which was done with the investment of the private sector, this historic house was put into operation by holding an exhibition entitled “Historical Documents and Photos of the Restoration Process of Shahidi House”. This house was the residence of one of the historical and influential figures of Astarabad (present-day Gorgan) in the Qajar era.

In 2018, with the aim of protecting cultural heritage and historical monuments left from the past, Shahidi House Restoration Group, Gorgan Amoodnegareh Company, and Association of Supporters of Gorgan Historical Textures and Sites (one of MPT’s main stakeholders) started the restoration of this historic house, which had undergone many changes and serious damages in recent years, after receiving the necessary permissions from the relevant administrations. Following 2 years of protection and restoration measures, finally in October 2020, this valuable building started its official activity as a private restoration and architecture office by holding an exhibition of the historical documents and photos of its restoration process.

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