Responsible Tourism Policies and Practices: EU and Italy

European Union Tourism Policies

European Commission

Overview of EU Tourism Policy | Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
EU policy aims to maintain Europe’s standing as a leading destination while maximising the industry’s contribution to growth and employment and promoting cooperation between EU countries, particularly through the exchange of good practice. The EU’s competence in the tourism is one of support and coordination to supplement the actions of member countries.

EDEN - eu project

About EDEN | Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
EDEN, European Destinations of Excellence, aims to promote sustainable tourism development models across the EU. The initiative is based on national competitions and promotional campaigns that result in the selection and promotion of a tourist ‘destination of excellence’ for each participating country.

Tourism for SDGS

Tourism for SDGs – Welcome To The Tourism For SDGs Platform!
17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) geared to end poverty, save our planet and create a prosperous world for all by 2030. Tourism can play a huge part in achieving the SDGs and UNWTO is committed to provide the global tourism community with a space to come together and realize the 2030 Agenda.


Cultural Tourism development and promotion across Europe
ECTN is a member of European Heritage Alliance coordinated by Europa Nostra and Signatory of the European Tourism Manifesto for Growth and Jobs, coordinated by the European Travel Commission.
ECTN currently numbers 29 members in 19 countries, including 13 EU member states and 6 associated countries. There are 20 full members destination authorities, and 9 associate members Institutes, Universities and NGOs.


ETC Corporate
The ETC is an international non-profit making association of official National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) in Europe.

The European Tourism Manifesto

Tourism Manifesto
European public and private tourism stakeholders have united to present this European Tourism Manifesto for Growth & Jobs, a document which highlights the EU policy priorities for the sector in the coming years.

The Official Travel Portal of Europe
The European Commission presents the new European gastronomic tourism portal.
The contribution of the regional and national tourist offices to the creation and, above all to the promotion, of the portal through the reporting of the tourist-gastronomic routes is fundamental.


DESTI-SMART is a project addressing challenges for efficient sustainable tourism and at the same time promotion of low-carbon economy. Public regional/local and transport authorities increasingly face such challenges, particularly at busy destinations with high tourism travel flows.

European Union Tourism Policies

PST 2017-2022 - Mipaaft

(Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari forestali e del turismo)

Strategic Plan for Tourism – Directorate-General for Tourism
The Strategic Plan for Tourism, developed by The Standing Committee on Tourism Promotion, under the coordination of MiBACT’s Directorate General for Tourism, intends to supply Italy with a strategic steering and a unitary view for Tourism and culture, to meet the need of setting Tourism at the core of the Country’s developing policies.

Extraordinary Plan for Tourist Mobility - inter-ministerial project
The objectives of the PST have been translated into the Extraordinary Plan of Tourist Mobility, which has declined them in terms of accessibility, technological innovation and sustainability, based on of their own thematic competences.

All Routes lead to Rome

‘All Routes lead to Rome’ – Dipartimeno del Turismo Mipaaft
Annual meeting of routes, routes, paths and cycle paths. Forms of travel that maintain, in the contemporary world, all the fascination of exploration, knowledge, dialogue and wealth in the comparison between cultural diversity.


Fondo Ambiente Italiano
The FAI is a non-profit foundation founded in 1975, supported by the Italian government, on the model of the National Trust, with the aim of protecting and enhancing the Italian historical, artistic and landscape heritage.

Esperienze Italiane Umbria Campania