Plan for the Land society presented in 14th International Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition.

This year, the 14th International Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition, hosted by Tehran International Exhibition, was held virtually and in-person on 23-26 February 2021.

The exhibition has been held in Tehran, the capital of Iran, for many years, and various groups of tourism industry activists, tour leaders, travel agencies, airlines, travel agencies, Iran hotels, governmental agencies, and various international tourism agencies, etc. participate in it.

The ceremony was inaugurated on the morning of February 23, in the presence of Ali Asghar Mounesan, Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, and special guests at the Tehran Permanent International Fairground. The exhibition, which was held in special conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is ready to inform on tourism and handicrafts in four halls. About 160 active companies in tourism attended this exhibition, three halls were allocated to tourism and one to handicrafts and traditional arts. Earlier, tourism officials stated that the reason for holding this exhibition in the conditions of the covid-19 outbreak was to help the tourism industry and also to offer travel ways during the Covid -19 period. Emphasis on the observance of health procedures has also been stated by the officials organizing this exhibition.

Exhibitions are marketing tools and attractions that can attract a large number of tourists from the region. Objectives of holding this exhibition (http://ihcx.ir/fa-ir/):

  • Introducing the capabilities and potential capacities of handicrafts in the economic, social, and cultural development of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Promote the diverse range of products to the general public
  • Exchanging technical and commercial information for economic exchanges growth and comparing products in competitors market in order to improve quality and create healthy competition
  • Making connections with investors through active participation of economic sectors in exhibitions
  • Pave the way for showing export goods In order to grow and develop their exports
  • Creating connections between producers and consumers of handicrafts

At the request of the Kish Free Zone Organization, which is one of the tourism activists on Kish Island, the Land planning Institute participated in the International Exhibition of Tourism and Handicrafts in Tehran. Their purpose of participating in this exhibition was to establish stronger connections with the officials and managers of the Ministry of Tourism and visitors, professors, specialists, schools, and other stakeholders and actors of this field. To this end, in order to introduce the project, the activities carried out so far to promote responsible tourism for the protection of cultural heritage and sustainable-development in Iran were expressed and the importance of responsible tourism was discussed with visitors.

One of the important goals of participating in the exhibition was to exchange views, transfer experiences and create new topics for cooperation, as well as attracting audiences and experts. In this regard, three simultaneous lectures and webinars on “The importance of counseling and education in the food and beverage industry”, “Accessible tourism and hospitality”, “The role of oral advertising in attracting tourists” with the presence of expert professors in collaboration with the Land Planning Institute and the Kish Free Zone Organization has been held in person at the exhibition site and virtually on the creation platform.

It is noted that the recorded version of the webinars is available on the responsible tourism site in the section of courses, virtual learning -> iransustainabletourism.ir