Project activities implementation milestone

Meeting with NECOS and Iran Sebt Tour Operator

On 19th September 2021, at the office of Iran Sebt Tour Operator in Tehran a meeting was held amongst Italian and Iranian partners. The participants included:

  • NECOS President, Dr. Vrinda Dar;
  • Marefat Pardis Toos CEO, Dr. Hossein Kashiri;
  • Maredat Pardis Toos Project Officer, Toktam Abtahi;
  • Iran Sebt Tour Operator, Dr. Ahmad Sebt and Dr. Luciana Manzi;

In this meeting we talked about the following topics:

Developing tour packages, participated responsible tourism strategies and ongoing activities,  number of days of activity, time to start and end the trip, target community and their needs, content, remaining Activities and order of implementation, etc. The details of the Golestan travel plan were reported and the pros and cons were fully discussed in order to improve the quantity and quality of the next activities. Regarding completing the itinerary of Golestan, designing and planning tourism itineraries for Khorasan was finalized and will be done in October 2021.