Presentation of the project and stakeholders involvement

Marefat Pardis Toos presents the project at the AliAbad e-Katul Municipality in Golestan

On 21st September 2020, at the AliAbad e-Katul Municipality  in  Golestan province, a meeting was held, facilitated by the Marefat Pardis Toos project team , and attended by the NECOS team.

This event was organised as part of the DEVCO co-funded “Promoting Responsible Tourism for Sustainable Heritage Protection” and aimed to raise awareness amongst key stakeholders of Golestan on the importance and value added of responsible tourism in protecting local cultural heritage.

Key stakeholders participating in the event included the Mayor and the City Counsel of AliAbad e-Katul, the Representative of the MFA,  and MPT NGOS in Golestan.