Food tourism, an Attractive part of the trip in two southern provinces in Iran

Today, food tourism activities can introduce tourists to the culture of different regions.

The various tours that will be held in this field will give tourists a lot of information about local and indigenous food. Food is an important element in the selection and prosperity of tourist destinations, this is why many travel destinations try to develop their food attractions. Since indigenous food reflects the geography and history of the people of a country, it represents a way to promote culture. Due to the ethnic and climatic diversity in Iran, which relies on cultural, historical, and environmental richness, food diversity  is very vast in our country. Therefore, holding festivals about local food, in addition to preserving cultural heritage, promotes cultural cohesion and social unity among groups and ethnicities.

For this purpose, Plan for the Land Society’s team has organised a trip to Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces to better know the local food of each region, including fish, Ghalieh Mahi, Machboos, sharks, oysters, a variety of local bread, halva, Ranginak, hot southern drinks such as Karak tea, They experienced Arabic coffee, etc. to introduce this delicious local food of the southern region of Iran. It should be noted that the skill of cooking “Goboli Polo” food has been registered in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hormozgan Province. Moreover, the skill of cooking fish roe, one of the local dishes of Bushehr, has been registered in the list of national monuments.