An Exciting Experience: Traditional Persian Instruments by Plan for the Land Society Team

Iran has hundreds of traditional instruments, mostly string, and percussion instruments. Most of them have spread to the whole region under the Persian Empires, up to Europe and Asia thanks to the Silk Road merchants. There are different types of Dahl percussion instruments in the southern regions of Iran. Some researchers have examined the reliefs of the Bostan arch by observing images of the nihanban playing.

The reliefs show that this instrument dates back to the Sassanid period. Therefore, it is possible that it was exported to other countries for the first time from the Persian Gulf in Iran. Nihanban has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran. During this trip to Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces, Plan for the Land society’s team  also planned programs for the musicians of the south of the country to perform live music.

They played instruments such as oud, reed, dammam, etc and beautiful traditional music of southern Iran.