An Exciting Experience: Siah Rudbar Honey Bee Farm Visited by Marefat Pardis Toos Team

Have you ever seen a huge mass of bees huddling together on the outside of their hive? There are many Honey Bee FarmSiah rudbar.
The ongoing success of beekeeping is tied directly to changes in the season. Getting the hives ready for changes in weather conditions throughout the year is very important for sustaining strong and healthy colonies. Beekeeping in July is a very busy time for most beekeepers given they must pay close attention to the health of the colonies.
We have observed the process of removing honey from the hives. The flavor of honey is so special due to the special trees in Siah Rudbar which are Tilia trees (Linden trees) which are mostly large, deciduous trees, reaching typically 20 to 40 meter tall.