A Thousand Years of Nashtifans’ Windmills

Nashtifan windmills are ancient monuments of the Safavid Dynasty that are still in use today. When the strong monsoon season starts in the area, the vigorous typhoon stings and destroys everything on its way. The presence of 120-day winds has created special opportunities for these mills, though. The downhill in Nashtifan built wonderful Asbads to use the power of the wind. 

Locally known as Asbad, the Nashtifan Windmill Complex is one of the most primitive windmills globally. Nashtifan consists of two words, Nish and Tifai, meaning storm. Mrefat Pardis toos and Iran sebt Tour Operator visited these windmills and spoke to the natives of the region to produce the content for the tourism itinerary package.